Roof Rack for the Spare and A/C

An over the cab roof rack holding a 225lb spare tire and mini split evaporator.

Ambulance – Wheel Balancing

A three year saga on how not to balance giant wheels and tires. Inserts, balance beads, centramatics, not working. You’ll never guess what finally did.

Ambulance – Super Singles Drama

My new Stazworks wheels implode on the first trip from home base. Solution found.

Ambulance – Insulation

How I insulated my diy ambulance camper.

Ambulance – Building the Bed

How I built my bed platform in my Kodiak Ambulance camper.

Ambuance – Super Singles

Installing Super Singles Wheels and Tires The day after the motor vehicle inspection the super singles went on. These came from Stazworks but before you run out and buy some…

Ambulance – Bathroom

Behind the scenes in the bathroom.

Ambulance – Odds and Ends

Cool place to put gps antenna in wheeled coach ambulance.

Ambulance – Victron Energy Power

Short description and schematic of my victron energy setup.

Ambulance – Water Works and other details

A few miscellaneous details including pass through door, hoseline removal, plumbing valves.