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Coming up on 4 months of full time work. Yep, we’re talking 50 hours a week with no breaks but the occasional bike ride. Is it still fun? Yes it is. Do I wish it was finished and I was on the road? Yes I do. Will I ever do it again? No I won’t. The other part that makes this interesting is that I don’t own a house anymore. I’m living in my fathers back yard and sleeping in the truck on a cot. They don’t have a guest room with A/C and luckily the truck does. Talk about incentive to finish.

Having said that, the work is getting more rewarding as I go because the good stuff is now being installed. Every completed system makes life just that much easier. 

Enough with the words. Where are we now? 

Remember the bird house I made earlier? When I aced that and the stereo housing above the electrical compartment I had to move the wires across the truck. The wires moved from the first picture to the second. It took less than a day to make this change. Thanks again to Wheeled Coach for the “just in case” long wires.

Found a great place to put the gps antenna. Thought I would share for those of you with these kinds of lights.