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All Aluminum

Sticking with my no plywood build I made a frame out of aluminum. The platform is 87 inches long and 48 wide. The deck slides forward one foot to accommodate my queen mattress. The bed is just 4″ thick foam so it folds up in the back when I push it in. The queen mattress is only 80 inches long so I have an extra 7 to play with. Not sure what I’ll do yet, but most likely some sort of headboard with storage. Building the bed is fun.

I was barely able to get this frame inside and had to do it with the partition half in there too. Neither one would go in if the other was installed. Couldn’t have done it without sticking a corner out the window.

Depending on how tall my bike seat is and how long my spare lives in the back future plans include the whole front half of the bed lifting. I want to make shallow storage pockets in those 4 front squares for clothes. Keep looking, this has been done in another post.

Talk about a change inside. For so long I’ve been working in this cavernous 14 x 8 foot box. Now half of it is taken up by a bed/garage. Probably not a favorite set up for a lot of folks but I’ve found it to be the best for my lifestyle. Bikes and toys always inside clean and secure. 

I slept on my new mattress on my bed platform last night. Almost two months on a cot was getting old.