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My electrical system is all Victron Energy from Bahn Camperworks. It went together easily and is amazing thus far. The panels are 1300 watts (panasonic), batteries are 2 x 200 amps lithium, Inverter is a multiplus 3000w, and solar controller is a 150/85. 

My favorite feature of this system is the fact that I can send excess power back to the grid. Below is the color control gx which is the brain of the Victron Energy system. 

The GX also has wifi and gps built in.

This is the basic layout of my Victron system.

From the nationsstarteralternatorIn website, the example wiring diagram shown above the Li-Ct allows the charge from the alternator to go to the Lithium-Ion battery. When the Lithium-Ion battery gets close to full the Li-Ct is turned off. Then the alternator just charges the start battery.