Ambulance – Natures Head Composting Toilet on Wheels

First Install Location. Later changed. It’s time to install the toilet. This is a Natures Head Composting Toilet on wheels, which I highly recommend. Not the wheels part, that’s just for mine which needs to roll in and out of the shower. First step, build a frame that moves.  To avoid dumping the pee tank manually I made this sculpture which will divert the yellows to a tank under the truck.  Sculpture mounted. The new frame and rails going

Amazing Snorkel Tour out of Cabo Pulmo

From left to right Amanda, Cheryl, Mo, Tom, Jasper.  Mandy is taking the picture (thanks Mandy).  Amanda and Mo, better known as the fiesta girls went on this trip last year and suggested we check it out.  It’s out of Cabo Pulmo which is one of if not the only marine preserve in Baja.  These guys charge 45 dollars per person to take you to a few specific locations to snorkel in the preserve.  We