Amazing Snorkel Tour out of Cabo Pulmo

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From left to right Amanda, Cheryl, Mo, Tom, Jasper.  Mandy is taking the picture (thanks Mandy).  Amanda and Mo, better known as the fiesta girls went on this trip last year and suggested we check it out.  It’s out of Cabo Pulmo which is one of if not the only marine preserve in Baja.  These guys charge 45 dollars per person to take you to a few specific locations to snorkel in the preserve.  We talked them down to 30 each which is still a lot for most of us. 

I was skeptical at first, but soon very happy I’d paid my monies.  We started out by snorkeling in a shallow area a few miles from the town.  There we saw many large fish including Parrot, puffer, sea bass, trumpet.  The standard fish you always see, just on a bigger scale.  As we were traveling to another site we saw all these fins sticking out of the water.  It turned out to be a large school of amberjack.  Captain Jose said jump in.  There were hundreds of 2 to 3 foot fish swimming inches away from us in a large circle.  It was really an amazing experience.  I dove down a few times and the fish would fill the gap above where I was so it was nothing but fish between you and the surface. 

But wait, there’s more.  We then went to a sea lion colony.  It’s a creepy feeling swimming with a 7 foot long sea lion.  Many of them dove off of their rock to join us.  They were very social but always kept a few feet away.  Another really cool experience.  I know how to get to this spot from land.  It’s a hike in, but would be worth it.  Who wants to go with me?

Nope, the girls weren’t having any fun at all.

On the way back we even got within 50 yards of a mother whale and calf.  They were just cruising along taking their time.  I love the sound of their breathing. 

Back to dry land.  To be pulled out with a mostly functioning 80’s era bronco with a tow strap that could snap any minute and take someones head off.  Ahhh, Mexico and it’s lack of personal liability lawsuits.  Love it.