Road Trippin North, Texas and New Mexico

Time to leave Texas and head north.  This is my nephew Alex.  I decided to bring him along as my personal photographer.  Most, if not all of the following pictures were taken by him.  Alex was out of school for the summer and between jobs so jumped at the opportunity to travel with Uncle. Always tight with two people in the van.  Alex did a great job of keeping his stuff

Surveryors Ridge Mountain Bike Ride

A mountain bike ride with Jim.  This is an easy trail along a ridge above Hood River, Oregon.  This is the worst spot. There was a forest fire across the way.  Made for some cool lighting and at one point ash falling.  There’s my standard biker man pose. Jim trying to beat me back to the car. 

Hiking in British Columbia

I went on a hike with Andrea, Rod, Ashley, and Austin.  Only 20 minutes from the house. It didn’t take us long to lose the trail and start up a creek bed.  Andrea is Victoria’s sister, Ashley is her daughter.  Rod is her boyfriend of 8 years. The creek got bigger and steeper.  See Austin up top there.

Bike riding around Stanley Park Vancouver, BC.

We packed some food and some bikes and rode around the park a couple of times.  It was nice city riding.  Paved paths everywhere.  People everywhere.  Perfect temperature. I saw this in the marina.  Hmmm, manfort on the water??  Think it could make it down the pacific coast and to the Sea of Cortez? Maybe the version with a hull.  I do love

Amazing Snorkel Tour out of Cabo Pulmo

From left to right Amanda, Cheryl, Mo, Tom, Jasper.  Mandy is taking the picture (thanks Mandy).  Amanda and Mo, better known as the fiesta girls went on this trip last year and suggested we check it out.  It’s out of Cabo Pulmo which is one of if not the only marine preserve in Baja.  These guys charge 45 dollars per person to take you to a few specific locations to snorkel in the preserve.  We