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Getting started on Plumbing

I think this is going to be one of my favorite parts of the build. It took many hours to come up with a plumbing schematic that didn’t overlap water lines. My goal was to mount everything on one plane and have all of the valves in a line. This will make it easy to know which valves to open/close for the desired result. The slots cut in the rear wall are so you can see the water tank level while filling. I’m not a fan of the float type switches and senders in tanks. 

Here’s a wider shot before I cut out the tank viewing portals. Since this shot was taken I’ve put in more plumbing and crimped everything. Pex is an amazing system so far. It allows you to put all of the plumbing together and check the fit before finalizing it by crimping the ends. Even after crimping the fittings can still be twisted. 

I got my gray tanks installed. I bought the tanks from Class A Customs. Excellent pricing and shipping. Make sure you pick the flat rate tanks or they add 50 bucks to shipping. 

There was plenty of room under the truck for the tanks.

I was able to tuck both tanks up above the bottom of the frame rails.