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Getting Started

I made some scale drawings of the truck. With these I was able to get that sketchup model going. This is how I figured out which solar panels would work. I wanted to get as much solar up there as possible. I hope to divert excess power into the hot water tank, or back to shore power when all other needs are met.

Heres the scale model for the roof, figuring solar. What goes where? This was the winning combination. But then I found a larger Bomar Hatch on sale at I kept the paper “panels” so I can figure it out again later.

Very helpful when planning the roof.

I’m just starting to get an idea of what I’m in for. I learned something very important right away. Something I never got from research. I thought the interior was made from MDF. Turns out it’s all some sort of SIP or structural panel. I decided to save as much material as possible for behind the scenes structure. It’s a dense foam impregnated with fiberglass with laminate sides. I don’t want to use plywood for this build. I’m planning on using king starboard.

You can’t do an ambulance build without showing off the electrics. Working with this stuff is my version of doing jigsaw puzzles. I love figuring it all out.

So many wires

The beauty of all that wiring is that most of what I’ll need is already pre-run. In the back I’ll want a dining light, reading lights, and a disco ball of course. To choose from is 1, left side dome low. 2, left side dome high. 3, right side dome low. 4, right side dome high. 5, rear flasher. 6, rear fan. 7, rear exhaust fan. 8, right rear flasher. 9, left rear flasher. 10, cot light. 11, check out lights. That doesn’t even include the wires for the lights that I will keep like the rear flood lights. The short version of that long story is that I will have very little wiring to run and it’s just a matter of changing the labels and moving a few switches. I know, it’s always easy to do with a keyboard. 

Minor layout issue

A main concern is that wiring panel. I REALLY want to put a shower in the walk through. As we all know, water and power don’t mix so my plan has been to move the panel into the front drivers side box. If this doesn’t happen there will need to be a major overhaul in the design dept. Most of the early tear down is geared towards answering this question. 

Free parts from Wheeled Coach

A shot of the hardware removed so far. Another savings bonus I should be able to put most of this right back in.