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Make Small Windows from Scene Light Holes.

My camper doesn’t have windows in the front or rear. Thought it would be nice to take a peak out back at night if necessary and extra light in the bathroom would be good too. I came up with this idea, how to make port hole windows. I Ordered some dual pane glass with tint that matches the other windows. These window frames will likely outlast us all. 

The frames came together nicely and the rear one is mounted. Only minor trimming required. 

Looks good from the inside. Will look much better with trim. 

Looking through the hole of the window at the hole for the window. The most exciting part of these is they represent the completion of dealing with scene lights. I’m happy to be done with that phase.  But how do they look?

Through the looking glass

On the truck this tiny window looks like nothing. Baby steps my friends. Don’t think of the whole project, just the daily one.