Ambulance – First Window

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Lets get some light in here.

I had to put in a window. It’s still a bit early for them but I wanted to see some visual progress and needed to see exactly where they would go for planning purposes. Step one was to finish the light holes. The right way and hard way to do the windows is to fill and finish the light holes first then cut most of them right back out. Next step was to peel the insulation away. Yes I am going to keep this glass insulation. I’ll fill the holes and put expanding foam where necessary then put a layer of pink xps on top of everything. Hopefully this will help battle all of the direct thermal transfer with the abundance of aluminum.

I used a circular saw for the straight lines then a jig saw for the corners. Aluminum flying everywhere. Make sure to use templates from your actual windows.

Unfortunately this window went right across two of the old light holes. No big deal, just more work.

That dude from tool time stopped by to check our work.

The new support going back in. 

And finally a finished (on the outside) window.