Ambulance – Moving the Electric Panel

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Moving the electrical panel into the front drivers side box.

The first part was getting enough slack in the wires so I could move the panel far from the wall.

Cutting the box was much easier than I figured. A sawsall with a good metal cutting blade does wonders on aluminum. 

Two thumbs up for Wheeled Coach’s electrical team. I didn’t have to cut and splice one wire. Each one had enough extra length to be able to lift and drop the panel into the new spot. 

The board fit like a glove in the new spot and I will only need a 3″ hole in the top and bottom corners for wire runs. Wheeled Coach must make the panels so they can go in either place.

Since the panel move I ripped out the ceiling and put up all of the extras on ebay. Saturday was a shopping spree online. It’s amazing how much time it takes to find all the right doo dads. This job would take half the time if there was a “build your own camper with quality parts store” next door. Tomorrow I’ll go to Tucson to buy more parts and some tools. Tuesday I go back into attack mode. Shower pan coming soon, hopefully.