Ambulance – Finally, an Empty Box

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Finally I have a mostly empty box to work with.

I got the inside cleaned out. I wasn’t going to tear it down this far until a friend told me about all the wasted space. I’m keeping the cabinet by the door intact. It’s going to be a giant pantry. The hoseline heater/cooler you see on top is about a third the size of the space it’s in. Once again the wasted space is killing me, but I’m going to assume it’s necessary. I’ll run plumbing for the shower in there to make myself feel better. 

As I said earlier the original material is high quality. I spent hours pulling everything apart then cutting all of the dowels and staples flush. 

Now I have my own Home Depot in the back yard, all organized and ready to go. It will be nice to start putting material back in soon. 

I’ve also kept all the hardware. 99% of it is like new and most of it’s stainless. 

Today I ordered magnetic drawer locks. I want to hook them up so whenever the key is on the drawers are locked tight. I will also have a push button switch nearby to bypass and get in when the key is on.

Look ma, no stripes. Lucky for me my Dad was bored and likes to help. He did most of the stripe removal one half inch at a time. The wizzy wheel was great on the thinner decals but didn’t do anything on the thicker large stripes. A heat gun and putty knife were the only thing that worked well. There is still a bunch of glue left behind but my Dad just discovered that gojo hand cleaner takes it off without much elbow grease. Looks better doesn’t it. I like the utility truck look over ambulance.